Pale Horse EP

by Coastal

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Recorded in a single night, Pale Horse is a 4 track concept EP based on (amongst other things) William Cooper's book "Behold a Pale Horse" as well as the experiences of Alex Collier & Whitley Strieber, and the research of Joseph P Farrell, Jim Marrs, Richard C Hoagland and Richard Dolan.


released August 10, 2015

write/play/sing: Paul J Fox



all rights reserved


Coastal Belfast, UK

drmmr, guitrst, prducr, sngwrtr

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Track Name: Apollo
You my little lune
I’m on a mission to you
All through May and June
I was building the rocket

I feel so all alone
Wrapped in my aluminium
I maybe won’t come home
I need more oxygen

Where are all the stars?
It’s funny what you find
In your own back yard.

Nazi technology
I will use anything.
To make you part of me
Like you belong there

I feel so all alone
Under your seven mile high glass dome
I maybe won’t come home
I don’t belong there.
Track Name: Frightened
I’m a hack and I write trailers
For my love life, while it
Burns in development hell.

I’m still driving through the county
I mean the country, while it
Burns itself out, oh well.

I watch The Big Bang Theory
On the tv and the news don’t
Mean a fucking thing to me.

I’m still driving through the country
I mean the haunted,
Island, and
Sometimes I get frightened.

I’m a ghost, kid, I’m a shadow
I’m the seer of tomorrow,
See, I don’t care

Now I’m driving through the city
There’s a being sitting with me
What’s she doing there?

Now I’m driving through the hillside
Points of light, the rest is night time
In the rear view mirror.

I’m still driving through the country
On my motorbike
Feeling so violent, that
Sometimes I get frightened.
Track Name: Pale Horse
Some recent thoughts on reality;
Your body’s only destiny is gravity.
Your soul’s only destiny, insanity.
Comatose and loving it

Here we go
Here we go again
Through the wormhole
Through the universes
On a pale horse
Never to return
Giving birth to something
Don’t yet know the meaning

One recent thought on my anatomy
I am mostly space, every part of me
Nothing’s really there at all, except energy
How can that be conscious?
Track Name: Know Yourself
Hey man
I kn0w
just how to know to get to

Don’t you know
How to know?
Oh you really don’t know
Do you?

It’s so deep
This knowing
So you gotta pack all your scuba gear
And dive in
Into the darkness
And know what it is you fear

know yourself
through and through

Numbers matter
so you just got to get clued in
And then you just
Start to know it
Then you can know where to begin